Absolutely Furrrbulous Pet Grooming & Canine Education Center has now expanded. Our new state-of-the-art facility allows us to work efficiently and our highly trained, and compassionate staff are capable of handling even the most unruly pets. We are animal lovers at our core and we love what we do.


Your pet will be groomed the moment they arrive. We have a walk in tub to
accommodate all sizes, and a therapeutic hydro-massage available for sensitive
skin. We assess skin and coat quality to determine the most appropriate shampoo
and conditioner. Your dog will be hand dried, which is safer and cleaner than cage drying. If required your pet will then receive de-matting, a haircut, and have their nails clipped and ears cleaned. Please speak with our groomers if your pet has any special requests.



Whether your pet has been swimming at the lake, sprayed by a skunk, or has some
unwelcome critters in their fur - yes we mean fleas and ticks - we are here to help. Your pet will be assessed and groomed the moment they arrive, receiving the utmost care and attention. Additional services include Veterinarian prescribed bathing, allergy relief shampooing and rinses, and more - just ask.


nail trimming

Regular nail trimming is an important part of all animal's care. Our tools are designed specifically to trim their nails efficiently and safely. Call to ask about our
Frequent Trimmer Rewards Card. Walk-in's welcome!


Training classes

We offer private & group training classes for your four-legged friend.  Classes are one hour in length and run for 6 weeks. 

Our basic Obedience covers the ground work that every owner needs to know. This includes basic leash manners, sit, down 

Classes are $175 + HST


 Stay 'N Train

Absolutely Furrrbulous  is going to be your dog's new favourite spot! In order to meet the needs of dog owners we are offering two alternatives:

Stay 'N Train is available for dogs that are in need of socialization and may need additional training or supervision. We keep training groups small, and match dogs with similar energy levels and personalities. Half days ($18+ tax) and Full days ($27+ tax) are available. 

Stay 'N Train Plus is an additional private one-on-one training session incorporated with Stay 'N Train and is tailored to the unique needs of dogs who require more than just play socialization. 


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